Yoga is a holistic, multifaceted discipline.

Its adaptability means it can be modified or extended to suit the circumstances of the practitioner, making its application far reaching.

Yoga to sustain and enhance the individual physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally.

Yoga which is focused on protecting and preserving a state of well-being, and promoting continuity of health.

Yoga practices which encourage reflection and guide the participants on an inward journey.

The study and practice of classical yoga techniques as prescribed in the ancient texts.
Group Yoga Classes - Yoga Journey Adelaide

Group Classes

Group classes are held weekly. They incorporate a range of Yoga tools – āsana, prāṇāyāma, relaxation and meditation – with a different emphasis in each class.

Private Yoga Classes - Yoga Journey Adelaide

Private Classes

One-on-one classes are available for anyone wishing to develop a personal Yoga practice or learn more about the ancient teachings of Yoga and Vedic Chant.

The Philosophy of Yoga

Yoga is a philosophical school of thought which was founded on the teachings of the Veda-s. A practical philosophy that engages all our faculties, the aim of Yoga is to bring about clarity and evenness of mind to achieve positive change and a greater understanding of our true nature.

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