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Moving with the Breath

Whenever I get a new student joining my class for the first time, I like to give them an idea of what to expect during the class. One of the things I always explain is that as well as giving instructions on moving the body, I also give instructions on how to breathe at the same time. Here’s why.

Yoga Journey Adelaide

The Philosophy behind the Practice

In the wake of T Krishnamacharya’s birthday on 18th November, I thought I’d share this article introducing the philosophy behind the practice and the teacher behind the teachings.

Moving towards meditation - Yoga Journey Adelaide

Moving towards meditation

Yoga should lead us somewhere new, help us achieve something we have not achieved before. For many, the practice of āsana is the gateway to Yoga but if we are to progress and be blessed with everything that Yoga can bestow on us, we need to journey beyond.


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