Vedic Chanting

Vedic Chanting is the recitation of mantra-s from which Yoga and other Indian philosophical schools of thought emerged.
Believed to have been heard by great Sages whilst deep in meditation, these mantra-s (known collectively as the Veda-s) are considered the oldest and most authoritative source of Indian wisdom.

Passed down from teacher to student, Vedic chanting follows strict rules which ensures the mantra-s are chanted the same way now as in the distant past.

A powerful tool that positively influences all layers of the human system (physiological, energetic and mental).
A means for personal development and spiritual transformation.
A means to connect personally with the wisdom of the Veda-s and Yoga.
Vedic Chanting Classes - Yoga Journey Adelaide

Vedic Chanting classes

Yoga Journey Adelaide offers one-on-one Vedic Chant classes in person as well as via Zoom and Skype. Details of group programmes on Vedic Chant, Yogic Philosophy and Sound in Yoga can be found on the Workshops and Events page.

Sound in yoga

Vedic Chanting is a vital aspect of Yoga practice and study. It is not only a practice in its own right, but can also be combined with other tools of Yoga (āsana, prānāyāma and meditation) to enhance their effect.

Using Vedic mantra-s, upaniṣad-s, śāstra-s (texts), śloka-s (poems) and bīj mantra-s, our focus is on sounds that pertain to Yoga philosophy, health and healing, protection and connecting with the inner self.

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